Chiroflow Premium Water Pillow Review

Chiroflow Premium Water Pillow

Water pillows are the best! They feel like your head is floating on water. It is one of the best relaxation methods I have ever witnessed. Water pillows also have a number of benefits. They can easily be adjusted accordingly when you move during the night and they don’t make the muscles and bone sore and stiff. Among all the water pillows available on the market, these days chiroflow premium water pillow is the bomb!

It’s the best product available and will leave you feeling your ultimate best. It will help you get the most peaceful and blissful sleep you have ever wanted. Its amazing features and unparalleled design makes it stand out and crush the competition.

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Product details:

  • Number one Chiropractic recommended pillow
  • Fits both standard and queen sized pillow cases
  • clinically proven to improve sleep and reduce neck pain
  • utilizes ordinary tap water

Advantages Of Chiroflow Premium Water Pillow:

  • Hypoallergenic polyester fiber: the pillow is made from the finest fibers and materials that are so soft and firm at the same time. These are perfect for people who are experiencing back issues.
  • Secured water base: the underneath water base adjusts accordingly and helps during the night when we move here and there. It also gives support to the neck and the back and this helps relax muscles and is very beneficial for sore muscles. It is also clinically shown to improve your quality of sleep.
  • Chiroflow Premium Water Pillow

    Chiroflow Premium Water Pillow

    Standard or queen size fit: you can choose either of the pillows according to your own preference. They are similar in features but different in heights and size.

  • Dacron StaLoft fiberfill: for a longer lasting performance the case is made from more than 300 counts of threads that mesh together perfectly. This provides a soft and comfortable casing that doesn’t hurt your delicate facial skin.
  • Easy to fill pouch: the pouch can easily be filled with tap water and does not require specifically created water.
  • Thermal insulator: in the water base is a thermal insulator. This keeps the pillow warm and prevents unnecessary heat loss from the water. It also prevents unwanted heat gain by the water thus keeps pillow cool.


This pillow is only available in one limited color of white. It can be covered with a range of colorful pillowcases, however.

Some customers do not like the swishing sound the water makes.

Customer reviews:

With an overall 4.1 out of 5-star rating, this product is quiet popular and accessed on amazon. 65 percent people have voted a 5-star rating and most other all in the 4 star or 3-star categories. Most of the purchasers were very happy with their purchase.

One customer wrote, “I highly recommend this pillow to anyone with back/neck pain or anyone who suffers from frequent headaches. I have bought two more in addition to my own after using it myself” 

Some customers complained about the swishing sound the pillow makes when you move and adjust. However, this complaint was filed by one or two customers only.

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Chiroflow premium water pillow is an amazing product. It has heat insulating ability and can be adjusted according to user need because of its water base. It is an overall great product and highly recommended for anyone having neck or back issues.