Comparison Charts of Best Pillows For Neck Pain with 2017 Reviews

A good night’s sleep is a vital ingredient for a functional day. So it is wise to invest in the most important elements of a good sleep mattresses and pillows. While most persons seem to care about the later, very few persons actually think it necessary to invest in comfortable pillows but a good pillow is just as important as a comfortable bed in getting a good night’s sleep.

The neck is the bridge between our skull and shoulder, the parts of the body a pillow supports and bad pillows lead to neck pains which not just affects our sleeping time but the rest of the day, affecting productivity in our daily activities, underscoring the importance of investing in the best pillows for neck pains which not just prevent but also remedy neck pains.

Comparison Chart Of Best Pillows For Neck Pain

Best Pillows Recommended For Neck Pains

You might be wondering where you could get the best pillows for neck pains, especially with a lot of pillow brands and inferior products out there. You are just in luck as we have a recommendation of pillow types which are high in quality, of competitive cost, readily available from most online shops and have great reviews from persons who have used them. We highlight a short list of best pillows for neck pain. Hopefully after reading of our short list you able to choose easily the right one for you.

Arc4life Cervical Linear Traction Neck Pillow

This pillow ensures you wake up free of neck pains and muscle pains because of the proper support it gives to the head and neck thereby relieving pressure on the neck.

Also, you would experience deep and sound sleep because your body is relaxed. With this pillow, you would also breathe easier and snore less because of the unrestricted air passage and there is also enhanced circulation because blood flows better through a relaxed muscle and you would enjoy a better posture because your spine is aligned in a natural way, making it to be one of the best pillows for neck pains and for general body balance. Read Full Review...

Best Pillows For Neck Pain

Arc4life Cervical Linear Traction Neck Pillow

Xtreme Comforts Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

This pillow goes for a price of $$ for the standard size and is among the best pillows for neck pains. As a result of the bamboo cover which the pillow has, it ensures greater ventilation, the pillow never goes flat, is machine washable, hypoallergenic – making it suitable for any kind of allergy sufferer, provides relief for several sleeping disorders including snoring, insomnia migraines and provides relief for back and neck pains.

It can mold to suit all sleep positions and it comes with a 10 year warranty and can be returned within 30 days of purchase if you are not satisfied with this product, great right?

Pillows For Neck Pain

Xtreme Comforts Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

Coop Home Goods Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

The queen size of this pillow goes for a price of $$; it is composed of 60% polyester and 40% bamboo and it is among the best pillows for neck pains. It comes in a vacuum seal in a plastic bag. It's dense.

When you open the pillow bag it expands slowly, and fills out. If you've used memory foam before, you would know how awesome it is, if not, you're in for a treat. It's very comfortable - you're going to enjoy this pillow.

A neat feature of this pillow is that the thickness can be changed by pushing the internal foam pieces around (fold it in half and kind of pound it around the sides for a slimmer pillow, grab both ends and push it towards the center for thicker pillow, etc). This pillow is machine washable, safe for all allergies and resistant to dust and mite; it comes with a five year warranty and a 30 day return policy.

Coop Home Goods Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

Coop Home Goods Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

PharMeDoc Contour Memory Foam Pillow

This is the number 1 German memory foam pillow and is among the best pillows for neck pains. It supports the head at the perfect angle, keeps you cool at night, aligns your spine, stimulates the flow of air, promotes blood circulation, absorbs heat and influences muscle relaxation. It is great for anybody, but is best for persons with an average frame-size.

This pillow is extremely versatile and works as sleep pillows, bed pillows, travel pillows, maternity pillows, neck pillows, seat cushion, back support pillows and wedge pillows!

The dual lobe design of this pillow molds perfectly to the shape of one’s head to relieve neck pain and shoulder misalignment, eliminate pressure points, cradle the head, reduce snoring & sinus problems. Read Full Review....

PharMeDoc Contour Memory Foam Pillow

PharMeDoc Contour Memory Foam Pillow

Mediflow Original Waterbase Pillow

This pillow goes for the affortable price; the Mediflow pillow is among the best pillows for neck pains. The Mediflow pillow gives the gift of a good night’s sleep, been clinically shown to reduce neck pains and improve sleep in 4 ways, adjustable to any user or firmness required, automatically responds to the movement to maintain support as you sleep and it comes with a one year warranty. Read Full Review....

Mediflow Original Waterbase Pillow

Mediflow Original Waterbase Pillow

Classic Brands Conforma Memory Foam Pillow

The Conforma Memory Foam Pillow has a medium firm feel; it isn’t fully plush but a little softer than a firm pillow. This pillow is made of premium ventilated memory foam, promoting airflow to keep the head and neck cool during sleep.

This pillow is ideal for side and back sleepers. The Conforma Aerated Memory Foam Pillow responds to changes in temperature and pressure, molding to your shape, creating the perfect support for your head, neck and shoulders making it among the best pillows for neck pains.

This pillow is naturally hypo-allergenic, making them perfect for allergy sufferers. This pillow is perfect for side and back sleeping positions and it is great because though it forms to any shape, it leaves no lumps or flat spots. Read Full Review.....

Classic Brands Conforma Memory Foam Pillow

Classic Brands Conforma Memory Foam Pillow

Tri-Core Cervical Pillow, Full Size, Standard Firm

What you would really like about these Tri-core pillows is their firmness, a firmness that is about as firm as you can get without it being hard, making all the regular "extra firm" pillows seem like they're actually "extra soft".

The Tri-core pillow comes in three size options which are available to provide support for children and young teens and is the number one support pillow recommended by medical professionals

The Tri-core cervical pillow provides support to the cervical bone which helps give support to the neck thereby remedying and preventing neck pains and despite its firmness, making it among the best pillows for neck pains. It is also adjustable, adapting to the shape of the sleeper and to a variety of sleep types.

Best Pillows For Neck Pain

Tri-Core Cervical Pillow


The Chiroflow Premium Waterbase Pillow is a memory pillow that is suitable for neck pains and is the #1Chiropractic Recommended Pillow. It fits standard and queen size pillow cases and has been clinically shown to reduce neck pain and improve quality of sleep.

The water filling for this pillow can be from ordinary tap water; not requiring chemical additives. This pillow is among the best pillows for neck pains and comes at a low price. Full Read Review....

Chiroflow Premium Water Pillow

Chiroflow Premium Water Pillow

Sleep Innovations Contour Memory Foam Pillow

This Sleep Innovations Contour Pillow is not dense or heavy as with most memory foam pillows but still it promotes a proper sleeping posture. Traditional memory foam retains heat resulting in sleep disturbances; this pillow utilizes open cell memory foam which allows for better air circulation throughout the pillow, keeping it from heating up as much as denser memory foam.

Another feature of the pillow is the possession of two raised edges of varying height, which provides options for people of different sizes and sleeping styles.

If you require a memory foam pillow that is firm, supportive and consistent, this Sleep Innovations pillow works great your head would never sinks too far down into the pillow, leaving enough space between the head and shoulder to keep the neck free of stiffness and soreness, making it one of the best pillows for neck pains. Read Full Review...

Sleep Innovations Contour Memory Foam Pillow

Sleep Innovations Contour Memory Foam Pillow

MyPillow Premium Series Bed Pillow

The standard size of this pillow comes at a price of $$. It is among the best pillows for neck pains and is made with a patented interlocking fill and you can adjust MyPillow Premium Series Bed Pillow to your exact individual needs regardless of your sleep position, it comes in 4 different sizes to give you the right amount of patented fill for you as an individual.

This pillow comes with a 10 Year warranty - Will Not Go Flat – is machine washable and dryable and it is made a 100% in the USA.

MyPillow Premium Series Bed Pillow

MyPillow Premium Series Bed Pillow

Benefits Of  Buying Pillow In Online

The internet has changed the way we do everything and shopping is one of the many areas the internet has imparted. Online shopping has come to be a common alternative to traditional shopping which involved going to shops physically to purchase goods and at the rate in which we are making this switch, in the foreseeable future almost all shopping would be done online. The reasons why people have chosen this alternative include:


Convenience is the number one advantage of online shopping. Anywhere and at anytime of the day, goods can be purchased online, eliminating all the hassles which regular shopping presents and this can be done within a couple of minutes.

Best prices

Online shops usually bypass middle men so goods can be gotten directly from the producers which lead to better bargains for commodities in addition, because of the volume of sellers online, many online shops give discount coupons and rebates as well. Also, online shops can only collect sales taxes from buyers if they have a physical location of their shop in the buyers state, a buyer can avoid paying sales tax thus cutting down cost of goods purchase.

· Variety

Most physical stores have a limited variety of products but online, the choices are almost limitless, you can get products from all parts of the world without having to spend money on airfares and you can get a greater variety both in colour and size which would otherwise have been limited in your locality.

Comparison shopping

Imagine having to go to six different stores just make comparisons on one product, stressful right? Online shopping presents an opportunity to make comparisons from different stores on prices, quality and customer service and you also have the opportunity to seek consultation and share information with other shoppers who have firsthand experience with a particular product with little or no stress.


Some shopping is best done in the privacy of the home, for instance shopping for items like adult movies, lingerie, and so on. Online stores offer discreetness and privacy when shopping for such items.

What Makes A Best Pillows For Neck Pain

If you wake up with a sore or stiff neck then it might just be the right time to get a new pillow. Pillows are very important for comfortable sleep and it is better to choose pillows which are best for neck pains and good for general body comfort but before you go out to purchase that pillow, there are certain factors to consider because a bad pillow can be just as bad as no-pillow. The factors to consider when purchasing a pillow are:


The firmness of a pillow should be considered before purchasing a pillow as a pillow that allows the neck and spine to be aligned properly so there is no gap between your neck and your mattress. Also, the firmness of the pillow ensures the pillow does not go into unnatural conformations which may cause narrowing of the trachea, resulting in improper breathing, and sometimes snoring, which affects the quality of the sleep. Also, while sleeping, the pillow may get into unnatural conformations which result in the neck being bent forward or to the side, causing muscle strain on the back of the neck and shoulders.


To help the pillow adjust to the various sleep positions of the user. It is best if the pillow can be adjusted to fits the unique shape, curve and sleep position of the user. A pillow should conform to one's individual shape and alleviate any pressure points.


A pillow is comfortable if the user says so and apart from the structural comfort of pillows which is necessary to help the user feel relaxed, get a good sleep and ready to go the next morning, a user of a pillow could also show preference for certain pillow casings- some persons prefer cotton pillow cases because of their smooth, cool feeling others flannel pillow cases because of their warmth, etc.


Pillows are usually filled with feather, wool, latex, synthetic or with a temperature-sensitive sponge-like material used for pillows known as memory foam pillows and the different pillow fillings have their individual advantages but it is general, memory foam pillows are best for persons with neck pains because they can easily support your back and neck, conforming to the individual's body shape. The memory foam moulds to the shape of the neck and head, creating a comfortable cradle for your head while you sleep which helps relieve pain in your neck while you are sleeping.

Things Need To Be Consider Before Buying Your Best Pillows For Neck Pain



Neck pains are a source of concern for a lot of persons and when you go out to purchase a pillow, you need to put certain factors to mind to ensure that whatever pillow you purchase would be good enough to not exacerbate the neck pain which you are purchasing the pillow for. The factors to be considered are:

·WIDTH OF THE PILLOW: The width of your pillow should be wide enough to fit your head and neck. Many persons often rest only their head on the pillow, which leaves a gap between the head and shoulders where the neck is exposed to air. To avoid neck ache and stiffness, it is important to keep your neck and shoulders warm.

·YOUR SLEEP POSITION: If you are a side or stomach sleeper, the pillow which you are using for your head and neck should not be hard or raised. This is to ensure that your neck doesn’t tilt in an unnatural position when asleep.

·NECESSITY OF SUPPORT PILLOWS: A body or knee pillow for a side sleeper will prevent the knees from coming together and causing a strain on your spine. This will also prevent any strain on the neck since the spine is connected to the neck.

·CONTENTS OF THE PILLOW: The different properties in your pillow have to be aligned with the purpose for which you are purchasing the pillow. For instance, using a feather or down based pillow won’t resolve your neck problems since they are generally soft and it won’t provide sufficient support in the first place. If neck aches are your purpose of purchasing pillows, then water-based or memory foam pillows would be the better options.


Using the wrong type of pillow may lead to an increase in your neck pain. You cannot use a pillow suitable for pregnant women and expect it will be suitable for neck pains, just won’t work.

Final Verdict

For a good sleep, your choice of the right pillow is very important. About 20% of your sleep surface is composed of your pillow. When you have the right pillow you may not know it but with the wrong pillow you would definitely be aware of it. It is important to have a pillow which can mould to every curve of the neck in order to maintain the proper neck posture while asleep. Whether you are a side or back sleeper, your pillow must be soft enough to conform to your head and still fill in the space between your bed and your neck so whichever pillow you use needs to support both, since your head is larger than your neck.